Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MediConCen?

MediConCen is the next generation medical ecosystem powered by Blockchain. It has been recognized and awarded in various well-known FinTech competitions, including HKU DreamCatchers Award and Cocoon Incubation.

Becoming part of MediConCen is easy. First, both the doctor and insured employee will install the MediConCen App. After the medical consultation has taken place, the doctor will scan the QR code provided by the employee to receive payment.

Why Blockchain is needed?

Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger that can be programmed to record economic transactions with exemplary precision. With the help of Blockchain technology, we can a) establish trust among participants b) guarantee the enforcement of contract c) avoid the need to reconcile transactions due to, in particular, double claims and claims exceeding limits d) provide reliable service to all participants 24/7 worldwide, without relying on any single insurer's node.

How can clinics register in MediConCen?

Simply download the app and follow the instructions to register an account.

Tell me more about your relationship with insurers?

Insurers may cooperate with us such that their customers can search for medical services and settle claims through MediConCen App.